Types of Fraud

Housing Tenancy Fraud

Housing cheats deprive honest people of a home and cost you money!

Do you know someone who has lied to obtain housing, sub-lets their council or housing association home or lives in a property they shouldn't?

Help us to catch Tenancy Cheats!

Fraudsters who live elsewhere and rent out their social home can cost the taxpayer as much as £1.75 billion a year, while making thousands of pounds in profits from their so-called tenants. The Audit Commission estimated in 2012 there were nearly 98,000 social homes across the UK that are subject to some form of tenancy fraud each year.

Your referral, which can be made 100% anonymously, could lead to a property being recovered and possibly give an honest family in temporary accommodation a better life whilst saving you money. Social housing should be used to help those who need it most, not misused by fraudsters making money at your expense.

What is Tenancy Fraud?

  • Claiming to be homeless when a person owns a property or already lives at a fixed address
  • Making a false housing application or failing to declare relevant information
  • Sub-letting a property or rooms within a property
  • Claiming to be living at a property when the person is living elsewhere (possibly sub-letting).
  • Falsely claiming to have lived in a property in which the lawful tenant has died in order to take over the tenancy (wrongful assignment).
  • False applications for Right to Buy or Right to Acquire

Council Tax Fraud- Discounts or Exemptions

Do you know someone who is claiming Single Person Discount but has someone over the age of 18 living with them? 

Do you know someone who is claiming an exemption but their circumstances have changed? e.g. A person who was a full time student but is no longer.

Help us to catch Council Tax Cheats

Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is a means tested benefit and is there to help people to pay their Council Tax. The amount of benefit someone may be entitled to is based on the income and household composition so it is important the correct circumstances are declared and if anything changes these are notified to the relevant council.


Do you know someone who is claiming Council tax Support and not declaring other income?

Examples of this could be:

  • Undeclared or change in earnings
  • Undeclared capital or savings in bank, building societies or other financial intuitions  
  • Undeclared partner or other occupants.
  • Undeclared private or occupational pension


Help us to catch Benefit Cheats!

Other Fraud

Business Rates.  Do you know someone who is running a business from a premises but not paying business rates when they should be?

Blue Badge. Do you know someone with a Blue Badge who is misusing it or has a fake or altered badge?

Care payments.  Do you know someone who has made a false claim or are the direct payments being abused?

Grants.   Do you know someone who has made a false application for a grant?

Do you know of any offences committed by staff members and or contractors? 


If someone is in receipt of benefit from the Department for Work and Pensions , e.g. Income Support, Disability Benefits, Housing Benefit or Job Seekers Allowance please  report this matter directly to them by clicking on the link above