Cambridgeshire Anti-Fraud Network

The Cambridgeshire Anti-Fraud Network was established to tackle fraud in Cambridgeshire and consists of the following Local Authorities; Huntingdonshire District Council, Fenland District Council, Cambridge City Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council and East Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridgeshire Count Council.

Report Fraud

The Purpose

Nationally the Audit Commission estimates that there is £21bn fraud against the public sector and £2.1bn explicitly against local authorities. The Department for Communities and Local Government has provided £16m (15/16) to help support 60 local authorities to expand, develop and innovate their counter fraud activities.

The Benefits

This will include identifying additional local fraud as well as new cross boundary fraud, and across a wide range of fraud types. Theses combined interventions are estimated to identify and prevent over £1m of fraud against the Local Authorities in Cambridgeshire.

The Project

The partners are creating a Central Intelligence Centre to fully assess fraud leads, run a range of initial checks and inquiries, before passing cases for investigation to the relevant local authority. This is supported by a central database of local authority and other data to help find inconsistencies that could indicate fraud. That is further supported by a range of prevention and awareness activities including more sophisticated identity checking tools, hotlines and publicity.

The Partnership

The Local Authorities across Cambridgeshire have come together to pilot a stronger and more co-ordinated approach to finding and fighting fraud. As well as working more closely together with a central intelligence and data sharing facility that will help identify more local and cross boundary fraud, authorities will be working more closely with their local social housing providers to help tackle tenancy fraud.